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paloma grapefruit cocktail with sliced grapefruit and lime, salt, and chamomile on a cutting board

Pink Paloma | Grapefruit Cocktail with Chamomile-infused Tequila

This herbal take on a classic grapefruit cocktail includes all the nutritive and medicinal benefits of one of the sweetest little flowers. Chamomile not only lends its subtle nuances of apple and honey to the earthy and subtle sweet taste of tequila, but it also infuses this cocktail with added digestive, anti-inflammatory, and nerve relaxing benefits.

vegan lemon bars with chamomile & fresh lemon slices on a plate
Sweet Eats

Vegan Lemon Bars with a Chamomile Twist (gluten-free & refined sugar-free)

These vegan lemon bars are bright, cheery sunshine in your mouth! And with chamomile thrown into the mix, they aren’t your grandmothers lemon bars. Made without dairy, eggs, gluten, and refined sugar, these are much healthier than the version hailing from the folks at Betty Crocker in the early 1960’s. They’re also made without vegan butter, naturally sweetened, and contain only 10 wholesome ingredients.