Meet the Plants

Let’s get to know these amazing plants a little better!

If you want to cut straight to the point, let’s get the introductions over with… in the sweetest & most scientifically supported way.

Here you’ll find the individual materia medica, or plant profiles that include collected information on the health benefits of some of our most common culinary & medicinal plants.

You’ll find snippets of botany & plant identification, nutritive properties, medicinal qualities, as well as the historical & modern-day uses of each plant.

There’s some fun & interesting folklore & ethnobotany that narrates a wild & crazy story of how plants are intricately interwoven into human history. For example, do you know the story about how the health benefits of coffee slowly gained notoriety because of some goats & a scuffle with some monks?

Let’s face it; we’re in a tangled web with this planet & I like it!

It’s so easy to forget that many of the herbs & spices we use every day are actually full of health benefits. Hopefully what you’ll find here will help remind you of the highly accessible medicine we have all around us.

All information provided here is well-researched & backed by quality science referenced in each post.

Start with these popular materia medica:

Ginger | The Health Benefits, Uses, & More
Peppermint | The Medicinal Benefits & More
Cinnamon | The Health Benefits, Uses, & More
Calendula | The Health Benefits & More

the food and medicine of lemon balm

Meet the Plants | Lemon Balm Benefits & Uses

For such a soft, light green herb that grows like a weed, the food and medicine of lemon balm is pretty mighty. It’s a powerful mood-elevating herb, a serious antiviral, and a incredibly versatile culinary ingredient. Like salt and pepper, […]

dandelion flower in bloom

Meet the Plants | Dandelion Benefits & Uses

Dandelions are probably one of the first flowers children come to recognize. They’re distinct and easy to spot and it’s hard to forget the magic in blowing your first poof of wishes out into the world. I, however, remember dandelions a little differently, but you know how funny memory can be, especially as a child.

Stinging Nettle (the food and medicinal uses of stinging nettle)

All About Stinging Nettle | Health Benefits, Uses, & More

Stinging nettle (Urtica spp.) has come to be one of the more popular wild greens of the spring and early summer. It often pops up at farmer’s markets and on farm-to-table menus. Its inherent wildness, culinary versatility, and impressive nutrient density make it quite an attractive plant! If you’re lucky enough to have come across it in the wild, you probably know it by its sting too. While not particularly flashy or showy, stinging nettle’s benefits and uses are incredibly abundant!