Herbal Education

Beginner-Friendly Herbal Education:
Deeper Dives into the Medicine & Magic of the Plants

Get to know the plants better & make friends, because we’re in it together for the long haul!

Much of the magic of the plants is shrouded in mystery, but that wasn’t always the case. For eons, plants & humans have evolved together on this beautiful planet that we share, but our relationship with the natural world has become increasingly strained & in some cases, nearly nonexistent.

Our hyper-industrialized modern world has led us away from the earth in so many ways. And in stepping away from the earth, we’ve walked away from the plants, throwing a huge stick into the spokes of our true wellness.

But we can have both! We can enjoy the many conveniences of the modern world in harmony & reciprocity with the natural world.

It’s time to reconnect!

Here you’ll find easy-to-digest, beginner-friendly herbal education. There are recipes for simple herbal remedies, how-to guides on many herbal preparations, & materia medica on some of the most common culinary and medicinal herbs.

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