Savory Eats

Cooking with Herbs: Savory & Healthy Plant-Based Recipes

Here you’ll find a slew of savory recipes that are vegan (with the exception of honey) & mostly gluten-free.

These are simple, easy-to-follow savory recipes that highlight how to use more culinary & medicinal herbs in your everyday cooking.

From snacks to appetizers to salad dressings & main courses, herbs make everything more delicious & much healthier.

You’ll also find easy DIY pantry basics like herbal salts using fresh & dried herbs, infused oils & vinegars, DIY spice blends, & more.

These herb-infused pantry staples not only save you time, but add nutritional value, health benefits, & amazing flavor to your meals.

Amp up the functional nutritive & medicinal health benefits in your meals with plant-based fun & flavor!

Start with these popular savory plant-based recipes:
Creamy Stinging Nettle Soup
Lemon Balm Pesto with Preserved Lemon
Super Medicinal Veggie Broth with Calendula
Hibiscus BBQ Sauce

summertime savory vegan peach galette with dairy-free almond ricotta and nasturtiums

Summertime Savory Nasturtium & Peach Galette (vegan)

This vegan peach galette recreates all the nostalgia of a summertime peach pie into something savory, sugar-free, and ultra-nourishing. Plus, there are edible flowers involved! Nasturtiums amp up the antioxidant power and immune-boosting properties of this plant-based dish. When peach […]