Herbal Drinks! Botanical Cocktails, Mocktails, Herbal Teas, & More

Here you’ll find the beverages of your botanical dreams!

Squeezing nourishing botanicals into your hydration routine is one of the simplest ways to get more nutritive & medicinal herbs into your everyday.

Whether you’re blending simple herbal teas with a specific health & wellness concern in mind, infusing alcohol with herbs & spices for unique botanical cocktails, or making herb-infused syrups for your mocktails, herbal drinks can be such a fun & effective way to connect with the plants.

Here you’ll find recipes for herbal tea blends, lattes, nourishing elixirs, smoothies, infused wines, herbal cocktails, botanical mocktails, & more.

Plus, there are all kinds of herbal drink accessories like DIY herbal extracts, botanical syrups, & homemade cocktail bitters to get creative with & use in your own botanical drink blends.

Adding herbs to your beverages can take a plain ol’ drink from ho-hum to a cup full of anti-inflammatory antioxidants, more vitamins & minerals, healthier digestion, & more!

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paloma grapefruit cocktail with sliced grapefruit and lime, salt, and chamomile on a cutting board

Pink Paloma | Grapefruit Cocktail with Chamomile-infused Tequila

This herbal take on a classic grapefruit cocktail includes all the nutritive and medicinal benefits of one of the sweetest little flowers. Chamomile not only lends its subtle nuances of apple and honey to the earthy and subtle sweet taste of tequila, but it also infuses this cocktail with added digestive, anti-inflammatory, and nerve relaxing benefits.

homemade diy peppermint extract

How to Make (& Use) Your Own Mint Extract

Mint extract is such a versatile ingredient to have as part of your herbal pantry. It’s easy to make, takes very little of your valuable hands-on time, and can also double as a medicinal tincture to support your digestive health. […]